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Custom Glass and Mirror Options in Winnipeg


We offer a wide range of annealed (standard) glass and tempered glass. Whether your need is to protect a fine wooden tabletop, frame a favourite picture, repair a broken window pane or some other glass application, call us — we can help you.


We carry clear annealed glass from 2mm to 18mm. The common use for each thickness is shown below:

  • 2mm – single strength (SS); for picture frames.
  • 3mm – double strength (DS); for windows & picture frames.
  • 4mm and 5mm – for windows, small table tops.
  • 5mm – for windows, table tops, shelving.
  • 6mm – for windows, table tops, shelving.
  • 10mm – heavy glass; for table tops, shelving.
  • 12mm – heavy glass; for table tops, shelving.
  • 18mm – heavy glass; for table tops, shelving.


When glass is cut and has no edgework it is referred to as clean cut. Clean cut glass is used whenever the glass is installed in a frame and sharp edges are not exposed.

  1. Sanded – This is the simplest type of edge work whereby the sharp edges are removed with a sanding block, safe to handle, not decorative.
  2. Polished – There are two types of polished edges; the flat polish and the pencil polish (a rounded edge). The flat polish is the most common. On shapes (circles or ovals) you may want to consider the pencil polish since it has a rounded edge that gives it a soft look. The most common edge is a simple flat polish. The edges of the glass are polished to a smooth clear polish. We polish the edges of glass from 3mm inch thickness and up.
  3. Beveled Edge – If you want a more formal look, consider a bevel or specialty edge. A bevel has the edges ground and polished at an angle creating a prism effect. Anything we don’t do in house can be special ordered.


We carry a wide variety of mirror options, from clear mirror to bronze and grey mirror. We can get safety mirrors with vinyl backing to protect people and animals. The common thicknesses are shown below:

  • 3mm – for cabinets and showcases
  • 5mm and 6mm regular and vinyl back safety – for bathrooms, living rooms and workout rooms.

You can also add some edgework to a mirror if a frame is not used.

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